Racing drivers can benefit from CrossFit training

CrossFit Driver is those who like to race, or for those who do driving as a sport and they often feel strength is letting them down. If you train using CrossFit it can help you, even when you drive you are using multiple muscles. It’s not uncommon that people who do a lot of driving frequently complain about having problems with their back. CrossFit can help strengthen the muscles that you use whilst driving and it can help to stabilize the joints you use whilst driving, and by doing that it can reduce muscle and joint injuries. Adapting the right CrossFit training program can help your driving in a big way.

Once riding on the simulator was associated with fun in front of the computer screen. Today, it is an inseparable element of full-value training, from an amateur to a top well established WEC or F1 driver.

We talk about the advantages of using a professional drive simulator from Tommy Kilmore from the London Motorsport Capsule company.

Motorsport Capsule is a professional racing simulator. In addition to Simpracing players, use the race or rally driver?

Yes. At the moment, the technology of titles that are resolved for driving simulators, went so far forward that you can take into account the virtual ride as an element of training to prosecute in a real-world on real true tracks in real cars. Torahs are perfectly mapped thanks to laser scanning technology. The car equipped with lasers leaves the track and scans every centimetre, and then the textures are applied. This allows you to take into account any asphalt fault, inequality, change the surface or the height of the grater. Available cars are not dry data transferred to the virtual world. These cars are created in cooperation with drivers who are racing them in the real world. The reflection of these cars and tracks is so good that you can talk about a full-value training before leaving for a track, especially one that we do not know.

What gives such a racing driver training?

If we are dealing with a situation in which the driver has never been on the track on which he is to race, first of all, the simulator gives the opportunity, in the conditions most similar to real, read the object, with braking points, with speeds, with gears In corners, with a whole thread. Then it is enough for the player in the first training sessions on the track in their car, he moved the knowledge he gained on the simulator, and the adaptation to the track will definitely be faster. And this also translates into the cost of training. It is known that a trip to a real true track with full service, a car and the rent of the facility generates large costs. We cut the costs to the necessary minimum here, and we are still acquiring knowledge that is the same in the initial stages of getting to know the track.

Can an experienced driver also benefit from such a virtual form of training?

Of course. Racing in the racing series, for example, seven racing weekends. Usually, we are only once and if we do not have any workouts there, we have to wait a season to ride on a given facility again. The year of separation with a given track causes certain aspects to learn again. Therefore, we recommend using simulators to maintain and consolidate knowledge. This is also a useful form of preparation for a new racing series or a new car whose characteristics we want to know. It is known that getting into a live car, we are dealing with a real machine and with its real advises and minuses, so we have to organize it. The simulator as the initial training phase means that we can limit costs to a minimum.

Can you prepare yourself for the WSMP season at the London track?

Until the season, the month and players of WSMM are more and more often. In principle, before each racing weekend, we have increased movement, because drivers want to remind themselves an object, braking points and then move it to your car. Tor London is available in our simulator. It is made in laser scan technology, so it is very well mapped. This is one of the better English racing objects. We have a choice of over 200 cars – from serial after the class of GT4 and GT3 class, we also have Skoda Sports mini and BMW, which have their cups this season WSM.

Can the simulator can also be helpful for physical training?

Yes. The steering wheel driver, which we have in our system is Direct Drive. This does not have much to do with the Face Feedback motor, which is available in the wheels available even in supermarkets. It’s a much stronger, more accurate and more efficient device. Training on such a simulator can be taken into account for fitting training, i.e. reinforcing muscle hands and shoulders.

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What is the biggest challenge for training in the simulator?

When getting on the simulator for the first time we have to be aware that Rome immediately was built. Just getting into a real car, we’re not a super driver who spins times close to track records. Everything requires training. Even for people experienced in motorsport change to the simulator requires a certain adaptation. The barrier is the lack of overloads acting on our body, thanks to which we feel the speed. In Simpracing, we must see. This helps us in choosing braking points. The platform transmits information from the seat suspension and tires, but do not overload moves us, that we do not feel braking and acceleration. Some elements we need to learn to see.